[Closed] Recording at KPIA

Hey guys! Come on down the KPIA on the Expert Server. I will be recording a timelapse of traffic in an out of KPIA. Please comment your livery and aircraft! I will be in the 787-10 House Colors!

United 737-800W (New Livery) without Split Scimitars

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Ok I’ll come then it the 777-200 Old United Livery.

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Ehhh homes you recording yet

Getting it set up!

Coming now I’ll be Delta99 Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200LR

I’m in a generic 737

Coming now!

Guys, my screen recorder isn’t working!

Ooooo… bud what went wrong.

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My computer is acting up again. It’s slow.

Ahh man sorry bud. You goin’ to be alright or is it going to be postponed

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N123IF finished a Flight from KMLI to KPIA.
Airbus A318
Gate: 8
Next flight in 1 hr

N123IF will do a return flight to KMLI at 6:52pm.


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