[Closed] Recording a Timelapse at KSAN (Expert Server)

Come join! I’m recording a timelapse at KSAN for about 30 minutes! Please reply with your aircraft, livery, callsign, and if your departing out or coming in.

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I’m coming in a SCA. Callsign TIMLPS

I’ll come as an A318 ACJ, corporate 51 from KBUR.

Anybody else coming?

I might come and like can I get a massive edit

What does that mean?

Like make me look good

Make you look good hoe? Photoshop?

Is there still time? I always miss your time lapses.
I’ll be an SWA 738, callsign Southwest 328

Lol, just stopped recording!

Dang it! 😂

Lol, I’ll come back for you :P

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Did you get my landing ?

What plane were you?

I just landed in a American Airlines B787

No, I just finished, but doing 20 more minutes :)

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Wish I could come, but I’m not at 50k yet 😭

If I go on the TS, so many noobs would come!

Yeah, I get it lol.

I’m finished recording the timelapse. Does anybody wanna do a flight together?