[CLOSED] Realistic KLM Airport @ EHAM - 072310ZDEC17

Server: Casual

Region: Holland

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2310Z

Unfortunately, my first Crowd the Airport event didn’t go as planned. This one will take place at Amsterdam Schiphol. You can pick ANY aircraft you desire with the KLM livery. Reply which gate you want out of these choices. I will open up another terminal if Terminal A goes near capacity.

A43: @QuebecXray
A45: @anon20272091
A46: @Scrat10
A48: @C_Baccari (event leader)


I should be able to attend, can I please have a gate

how do you tell what date the events are? I see lots of events but can’t seem to find the date

Hello! You can find the schedule on the format here

@EHAM - 072310ZDEC17

As you can see the bold ones, this event will take place in 7 December 2017, at 23:10 Zulu Time (Same as GMT+0 or UTC+0). Hope it helps! 😊

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On the IF home screen I think there’s an event schedule in your time zone.
Edit: they got rid of it. Look at the post above.

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Just a reminder, I NEED your responses in order for you to attend. You cannot decide at 2309 on Thursday that you want to attend.

Sorry, can’t come. There is another event on.

Can I have a gate please?

Sure, you can replace @Jacob_Sim’s gate.

If anybody else would like to join, I’d like to know by 2215Z tomorrow. I may cancel the event due to low participants. This is not to beg for participants, this is because not having enough taints the point of the event.

ill take A45 for your event

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I’ll take A46 for the event

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What time is it at EST

6:10pm. Same for both of us

I should be able to make it.

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Event in just over an hour. Remember this event is on CASUAL

Shoot. I forgot I have a conflicting event. I’m sorry.

No problem.

EDIT: event cancelled. Nobody showed up

@C_Baccari I think a lot of people thought it was on the weekend not Thursday…

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