[Closed] Realistic Airport Gathering @ KCLT - 301200ZSEP17

Hey can I get a320 American Airlines please thank you

@ProMustafaTK Sure! Please check your gate assignment above.

Hello @jakevaz423 I am requesting ATC Tower

@unltd93 Sure! Thank you!

Can I be in the ERJ-190 for JetBlue?

@CooCo2 Sure! Please check your gate assignment above.

I would love to take gate A02for jet blue airbus a320

I would come but 5:00 am is a little to early for me!

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@BrockB Roger that! Please check your gate assignment above.

@BrockB please be aware that I had to change your gate because Gate A02 was reserved for a Delta aircraft.

Could I please get A02 for a Delta 757 Thanls!

May I have a spot at Gate E26? I’ll be taking footage of the event, and be one of the last departures, flying to KCAE. I will be in an E-175, US Airways livery (Retro for American)

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Gate A01 Air Canada Boeing 787-900 pls there is a small chance that I can’t make it though

@Roy Sure! Please find your name on the gate assignments above.

@InfiniteFlightGuy I can give you the gate, but can you please make your aircraft a modern livery, because we are trying to act like a realistic airport in this day and age. Thanks!

@HostileProperty Please read the list of acceptable commercial aircraft above.

Wait… you didn’t put A340 up there but someone is coming in an A340…

Also… I’ll change my Aircraft than

It was because there were 2 heavy spots

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Oh… oops thanks for reply :)