[Closed] Rapid Group Flight! @ KSNA - 052405ZDEC17

Server: Training

Airport: KSNA

Time: 2405Z

NOTAM: This event is in correlation with Airport MAX Out events!

Welcome everyone!
Today, I decided, why not fly up to Portland. However, I want to enjoy the flight with the community! How will I do this on such short notice? Well this Rapid Event is how! Come on down to KSNA for a group flight to KPDX in any Alaska Airlines plane! Flight plan is provided and I am at gate 11. At 2355 Zulu, we will depart on our way to PDX. See you there!

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RIP I can’t come. Wish I could 🙁

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I don’t think you’ll get to max the airport with 5 minute notice…


I have pushed the time back ten minutes! It is now at 2355 ZULU

True! However, I use Airport MAX Out as the title for all of my events. It doesn’t mean our goal is to max out the airport!

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I have extended the departure time another 10 minutes! We will leave at 2405 ZULU

Fact: Unless it’s the weekend, maybe, you’ll get no flights on such a short notice


True! Will remember this for next time! Thanks

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