[CLOSED] Questions for the Community, Make Your Own Polls!

Bit whats the point on an INFINITE FLIGHT forum? If you want itvthat way, this should be in #lounge

I’m saying it can also be real-world-aviation-related.
But both are fine to post.

Haha @Pilot_urp I know that you don’t have any hours of IRL flight experience (yet).
He’s talking about IRL pilot hours. :D

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I agree, just some users posted randomness

Randomness is fine here too, any questions are accepted :D

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I like the freedom that you’ve given us, this will give tremendous amount of variation to the polls that are gonna be made and i can’t wait to so see what kind of different polls people will come up with.

This thread will definitely be something very unique and exciting :)

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I thought it was IF
I do have a lot of PAX hours tho

Did you forget to read the question? 😂

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How did that happen 😂

Fixed. All better now👍

Also, i have no opinion for McDonald’s so I just chose America 😂


Yup proven,Japan’s quality service ,cleanliness and quality food is why.

Sadly won’t be having another McDonalds there until next year

@Pilot_urp, I’ll go with Japan since i dunno how the others taste? 😂


I’m just curious… (votes are anonymous)

I (the voter) live in…

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Antarctica (what how)
  • I don’t know :D

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“I don’t know :D” trololol
Jk I live in North America

What’s your favorite plane to fly in IF?

  • 737
  • What’s a plane?
  • A320
  • B777
  • B787
  • A330
  • A380
  • P38

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This might be kind of a different one -

In which direction do you fly more in Infinite Flight?

  • East (0 degrees - 179 degrees)
  • West (180 degrees-359 degrees)

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“What’s a plane?” - @anon93248082 2018

Mark, that’s your answer right there, Heli Lover 100, haha :P


It’s for people who don’t have skill right?


How do you fly?

  • Day to Night
  • Night to Day
  • All Day
  • All Night
  • I cant even takeoff…lol

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