[Closed] QJet Virtual Airshow @ KLAX - 121800ZAUG17

From all of us here at QJet, I am proud to announce The 1st annual QJet Airshow!


Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Date & Time: Aug. 12, 1800Z

Aircraft: Any

Flight Information

Speed: At pilot’s discretion.
Ceiling: 3,000AGL
FPL: None

We will be staging at KLAX and we will go by gate or group (yes, you can be in Group). You can take off from any ACTIVE runway, whichever suits your act. There is no specific pattern/trick you have to do.

The lead pilot @1ofthe3amegos (me) will be commencing our event. While the event is starting, everyone attending MUST stay at their gates.


TBIT G130 Apron 130- @1ofthe3amegos
TBIT G131 Apron 131- @Captain_Ahmad
TBIT G132 Apron 132- @EvanOrme
TBIT G133 Apron 133- @Kareem_Hani
TBIT G134 Apron 134- @Aeroben
TBIT G148 Apron 148- @Ezrap27
TBIT G150 Apron 150- @YoutuberXL
TBIT G151 Apron 151-
TBIT G152 Apron 152-
TBIT G153 Apron 153-

(Extra gates can be added if necessary)

If there are any queries pertaining to this event, feel free to PM @calocat or myself.

We hope to see you in the skies with us soon!

Yours truly,

The QJVA Events Team

Join QJVA today, the Airline of Distinction!


I Would like Request A Gate

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Can i have apron 150?

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@Captain_Ahmad, you can have 130. @YoutuberXL you can take 150, see you all there!

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Thank you bro!!!

No problem!! 20 characters

Saying you hate it is not a way to circumvent it. Please avoid this. Thanks.


Sorry about that …

Your on the list @Aeroben! See you there!

Can I have a gate? I’ll try to make it. Callsign: N961CY

Yes sir ee @Ezrap27, happy flying!

I will come! Can I request a gate?

My callsign will be Lufthansa 507. I’m so excited !!!

Can I have gate 151 apron 151

Me rj13 and rj12 will come wwe will take gates 152 and 153

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Ok, sorry for the late reply, @Andre_Carneiro_Gomez, @Drew737380, @kiwiaviation,

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Everyone we will be starting a little late

Also remember to go by gate

I will be N971OA …

Cool, to start the event I am going to do a low pass