(Closed) Qatar Virtual Opening Event @ PHNL - 2118000ZNOV16

Hello everyone, I’m the event manager for Qatar VA. Tomorrow is the first event for our airline.Please join us as we fly high over the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Everyone is welcome even if you are not part of the airline! Just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Server: Training 1

Aircraft: Qatar 787-8 or A340

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1800Z

Date: November 21, 2016

Flight Plan: depends on which runway is green
Pictures: Feel free to take some pictures of the event and post them here.

PHNL Gates:
Gate 20= @jdag2004✔
Gate 21= @PilotZerge✔
Gate 22= @Qatar_airways❌
Gate 23= @Hamza_Adan✔
Gate 24= @Joshua_Fleming✔
Gate 25= @Captain_Patrick✔
Gate 26= @Exh✔
Gate 27=
Gate 28=
Gate 29=
Gate 30=

Thanks alot for looking, please consider coming. P.S. this is my first event, if you see something wrong please let me know.

Check out Qatar Airlines:


That is a sharp turn there on final, daddy-o.


We will fix it:-)

Im not a member, but can I still join?


Of course:-D [quote=“PlaneCrazy, post:1, topic:79355”]
Everyone is welcome!

I will add you

Oh, I thought that meant everyone within the VA :D I look forward to it. Thanks for adding me :P

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we will host events like these on saturdays

It has been fixed.

Remember, you can join even if you aren’t part of the airline!

I will attend if I’m not busy.

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Awsome, thanks so much:-)

Would you be interested in joining?

Perhaps but as with all events I’ll be flying my CCX from a nearby airfield to allow for group photos.

That sounds awesome, do you want me to add you?

What airport will you fly from?

6 pilots and counting, get your gate now.

Event starts in 13 hours!

http://qatarairwaysvirtual.wixsite.com/qavif For anyone who would like to join our VA here is the website :)

We leave in less than 4 hours, get your gate now.

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