[closed] Qatar VA Training @ KLAX - 181700ZSEP16

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport KLAX

Time: 1700 Zulu, Sep 18

NOTAM: *We will be training at KLAX! This event is for our pilots and people who would like to train with us or like to join our VA. We will start in an A319 and end in a 777. The pilots who are joining us will copy our manouvers! It will be me and Liam Kirk our COO who you will be copying! Please contact me for the parking spots and you callsign! My callsign is QAV001 and Liam’s is QAV002. Everyone come in the plane that they wat to be traned in. Pleas change your callsign to QAV-numbers- if you’re are going to be flying with us.

Please post in the correct format :)

Here’s something that should help

I have! I did the event format.

Oh sorry! Never mind!

This is the format: Title @ ICAO - DDHHMMZMONYY

Is it better now?

I’ll do it for you.

Thanks so much! Sorry about this!

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