(Closed) Qatar Airways Virtual | Dubai Recruitment Flight @ OTHH - 102330ZMAR18

Qatar Virtual Airways

Dubai Recruitment Flight

This is an event dedicated to giving any participating pilots a little taste of what exactly goes on here at Qatar Virtual Airways. The objective is to fly a commercial Airbus A319 on a short hour-long route from OTHH (Hamad International Airport) → OMBD (Dubai International Airport).


Since this is a recruitment event, ten additional hours will be added to your pilot statistics right away if you join us! An Airbus A319 with a livery that corresponds with Qatar Airways is preferred. The established route for this event will be posted on this thread below but, pilots and attendees as a whole are expected to create their own realistic altitude route using third party flight planners such as Online Flight Planner or Route Finder. Come in a callsign with a “QAVA prefix” that correlates with your gate assignment to take part in this event. You do not have to be an official member or pilot of Qatar Virtual Airways to participate in this event. We are looking forward to seeing some awesome screenshots!


During this event participating pilots will be expected to follow all available general aviation-related rules and or guidelines such as proper lighting, aircraft maneuvering, air traffic control communications, etcetera in order to practice realism within the Infinite Flight mobile simulator. Keep in mind that you will be representing the Infinite Flight Community as a whole during this gathering so please, make sure that you are performing and behaving as expected. On this thread below you will notice that a gate assignment system is being used to better organize this event. It is requested that the members participating in this event reserve a gate as soon as possible. Attending pilots are strongly encouraged to use the Airbus A319 decorated with a Qatar Airways.

Flight Plan



Airbus A319


Qatar Airways


Follow all ATC instructions (when available). All rules will be enforced.


OTHH (Hamad International Airport) → OMBD (Dubai International Airport)



Special Instructions

Runway 16L (Departure) & Runway 12R (Arrival)


Begin - 3/10 @ 23:30 ZULU (5:30 pm EST) & End - 3/10 @ 00:00 ZULU (7:00 pm EST)

Gate Assignments

Qatar Airways

E01 - @Blizzard
E03 - @KingWings
E05 - @Pranay
E07 - @Demeter
E09 - @01lundgren

Additional gates can always be added if more participants are expected.

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Looks and sounds like a great event! I thought Qatar wasn’t invited to Dubai irl lol

Can I get a gate @Blizzard?

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Despite real world restrictions, we just wanted to create a fun route with an arrival airport that everyone is familiar with. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact myself via private message :)

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Yep, I’ll sign you up!

Thanks, I can’t wait

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Sign me up @Blizzard

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Awesome, I’ll sign you up!

Thanks for signing me up! Can’t wait :)

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I’m glad to hear that!

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How can I join Qatar va?

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Wait, so does this event start at 23:30z or 15:30z as you’ve stated in the title @Blizzard

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Whoops, I just changed it. Thank you for the catch and happy anniversary!

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No worries and Thank you!

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Hey. if you are interested in joining try taking a look at this thread…

How do you know how many violations you have?

You can use following application to check that…

Can you just spawn at Doha just to make this easier.

Unfortunately, I am on a flight right now. If you have any additional questions, please contact @Demeter via private message rather than posting on this thread :)

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You shouldn’t be running flights out of Dubai for Qatar airways. At the moment the UAE an Qatar are having issues and Qatar airways cant fly into Dubai airspace same goes for emirates and Etihad. So next time to make it more realistic I would advise you not to fly from here