(Closed) Qatar Airways VA - Recruitment Day and Line Check @ KATW - 051900ZMAR17

Region: Oshkosh
Altitude: Captain’s Discretion
Cruise Speed: Captain’s Discretion
Server: Training server
Aircraft: A319
Date: 05/03/17
Time: 19:00 UTC

Event Information:
This week we shall be recruiting and carrying out a line check of all pilots in Qatar Airways Virtual, all those attending will be assigned a gate. The test brief is available below, please PM if you have questions. thank you. If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. We are also currently hiring for other roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website:
or https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/qatar-airways-virtual-airline-revealing-the-new-qatar?source_topic_id=9705222

Test Brief:
Task: Spawn at KATW, Oshkosh region. You are expected to perform one pattern here followed by a no delay departure towards KUES. Once reaching KUES two more patterns are expected here followed by a full stop landing. Flight plans are mandatory. Preparation is key for perfection. Good Luck !!!

You will be tested on following criteria:
ATC Instructions and acknowledgement
Flight planning (no planning required for remaining in the pattern).Plan only to KUES.
Overall flying capability and handling of aircraft.
Speed monitoring
Altitude Holding
Using Approach Mode is instant fail !!!

Pilot Rank and Debriefs will be provided sent after the test. Those who are ranked Senior Captain’s will be considered for Chief Pilot Roles.

Parking: Gate 03- @XA613RZ QR07
Parking: Gate 04- @Soydepr QR11
Parking: Gate 05- @Ar_Valencia QR15
Parking: Gate 06- jcjoelclery QR20
Parking: Gate 07- @PilotAydin777 QR102
Parking: Gate 08- n9827x QR103
Parking: Ga 01- @IF_Aviation_Thomas QR104
Parking: Ga 07- @Joshua_Fleming QR09
Parking: Ga 10- @Cuartito QR105
Parking: Gate 03- @George_Craggs QR16
Parking: Gate 04- @Samcollins01 QR08
Parking: Gate 05- MaksimFerguson QR106
Parking: Gtae 06- @KoolKidRayJ QR107
Parking: Gate 07-
Parking: Gate 08-


I’ll take parking: GA 01- QR07

I will be present any gate qr11

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I would take any gate

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Your gate reserved,good luck

Can I please have gate 07

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Yep,your gate 04,good lack

Your gate 05,good luck.

Sure,your gate 06 and callsign QR101,good luck !!!

I want to join it. add me please

Yep,your gate 07 and callsign QR102.Good luck

I’m sorry but I actually can’t do this event. So you will have to delete my name off gate 06

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Hi can I have gate G08?

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Gate for please for QR9 !

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You can come have fun i guess. You need to take the chief test now

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Sorry boys , but i guess I’m joining the men after the chief test. Lol do not tell me if i pass that i am being the Chief Pilot for the A340-600 :(

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Not necessarily as we have some positions available


Yep,your gate 08 and callsign QR103,Good luck

I’ll take any gate. See ya’ll there!

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Your gate GA-01 and callsign QR104.Good luck