(CLOSED) Qatar Airways VA - Low Level Dash Through Denver @ KEGE - 121900ZMAR17

Region: Denver, CO
Altitude: <500AGL
Speed: pilot’s discretion
Aircraft: A319 (Qatar Livery)
Server: Expert server
Date: 12/3/17
Time: 19:00 UTC

Join us on Sunday in Denver as we challenge everyone to follow our chief pilots flying low level through the terrain in Denver. Bringing all your manual flying skills as you try to keep up, making steep turns while maintaining low level and keeping airspeed within limits.

You will spawn in Qatar A319 Livery following the Chief Pilots in generic livery from KEGE to KGUC. Flight Plan will be available from Callsign: QR01 to help guide you. If you crash don’t stress just reset parking and continue from the nearest airfield. Most importantly let’s have fun getting back into hand flying and enjoying the scenery enroute.
Flight plan:

If you are an established pilot with Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s…We are also currently hiring for roles within Qatar Airways Virtual, please check our website: http://qatarif.wixsite.com/qatarairways or Qatar Airways Virtual Airline - Hiring Staff and Chief Pilots

Reserve your gate below:
Parking: Gate 01- @Ar_Valencia
Parking: Gate 02- @PilotAydin777
Parking: Gate 03- @IF_Aviation_Thomas
Parking: Gate 04- @r3life
Parking: Gate 05- @QR01 (leader)
Parking: Gate 06- @samuel_48
Parking: Gate 07- @Aviaperevozchik (leader)
Parking: Gate 08- @Soydepr
Parking: Gate 09- @I_AVION_I
Parking: Gate 10- @RonnyMartin
Parking: Ga 01- Jules_GNINKOUN
Parking: Ga 02- Abhishek_Bhattachary
Parking: Ga 03-


Great to see Denver events happening!


That is just to show you the route we’ll be flying. Fpl will be copied from me at the event. As mentioned above

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I will take any gate

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Your gate 01, have fun

Can I have a gate please

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Yep,your gate 02,have fun!

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I’ll be there for fun again :)


Yep,your gate 3.Have fun!

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I would like a gate please. Thanks Alex

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Gate alex💪. This is going to be fun all manual flying

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Take any gate,just pm me😉

Yash the same like Omar

Ok,your gate 04.Have fun

Yash,your gate 05.Have fun

I would like a gate.

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Your gate 06,have fun!!

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Gate 11 please or 10

Your gate 08,have fun!

Hey it would be a pleasure if you could give me a gate! :)