[Closed] QantasAviator’s ATC Tracking Thread @TS1

Hello everyone!

I am planning to join IFATC when I am old enough, but until then, I would like the community’s help in testing my controlling abilities


If you don’t have an airport currently open change your title status to [Closed] to avoid confusion by fellow pilots. Thanks!

Hey everyone, I will be opening YHMB (Hobart) tommorow so come on down in a Qantas 717, 737 or Jetstar A320!

YSSY is open! Come on down!

@QantasAviator please change this:

to open at YSSY is you are open
to avoid confusion :)

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i will fly some patterns in a few

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I am closing YSSY in 10 mins. Be quick!

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would you like me to open up departure/approach?

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Go ahead man that’s cool

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