[CLOSED] Qantas visits The Big Apple! @ KEWR - 111100ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: New York

Airport: KEWR

Time: 1100Z

Aircraft: B717-200 (Recommened: QantasLink) or A320.

Hi folks, its that time of the week again. Qantas Virtual is still heading around the world and this time we’re in New York City! For this weeks event, we are heading around the city in either a B717-200 or an A320.

Route: To start the event we will begin at KEWR, head north to KSWF for a touch & go, south again to KISP (another touch & go) and than finish by landing at KJFK.

Pushback will start on the dot and not a minute before or after! Qantas Staff will be on the site before hand.

Make sure to follow all advanced rules and laws.

We would like to invite the following VAs to attend:

If you wish to join this event as a VA please contact either: @MackenzieRodgers, @Breydon_Verryt_Reid or myself @Skylines.

Thank you! Hope to see you all there. :)


I think you should make clear that it is the Jetstar A320. Looks as if it is going to be a great event!

No, we are happy for any A320, as we have already celebrated Jetstar. It gives the invited VAs a chance to use there liveries :)


My mistake, thought it was a Qantas only event :)

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Event is coming up people! Make sure to get involved and have fun.


looks like will be a great event, sorry cant make this one, look forward to seeing the pictures!


Get ready pilots! The event begins in 2 hours.

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This event is now active, Qantas Staff are now on site :)

I will be there

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We are about half way, you could probably join in at KDXR

I don’t see you guys on the map

Late to the party. I thought it started at 11:00Z which i believe is in 10 minutes but maybe i got confused. see you down there following my T&G at KISP

Yea me too got confused about the time

We would like to apologise on the time muddle, it was suppose to run an hour ago but is running once again now

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Fun event thanks for holding it

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Thanks everyone. :-) QFA0049

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Do we have a pirep code please?

Event finished!

Thankyou everyone who came and participated especially JetBlue Virtual. We had a busy event with a little hiccup of the times but managed to run a successful full event!

A big thank you to the Qantas Team for organising it.

Make sure to stay tuned to our VA topic about this anniversary for our next event.


Regards Oli H

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