[Closed] Qantas Virtual Week 2 TurboProps's in Singapore @ WMBT - 211100ZMAY16

Server: Advanced

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpa

Airport: WMBT

Time: 1100Z

Aircraft: Cessna 208, Dash 8-Q400 Qantaslink


Hey Folks, so this weeks Around the Regions event, for the Qantas Virtual’s Anniversary, is based in the Singapore and KL region. We plan to fly a long route from:

  • WMBT via WSSS land at WMKM
    (Takeoff WMBT, fly South-West to WSSS, Dash: FL190, Cessna: FL50. Touch & go at WSSS and head north to WMKM, Dash: FL210, Cessna: FL60. Finally land safely.)

Flight plans will be provided by Qantas Staff on the day, make sure to arrive on site prepared and ready to depart. Qantas Virtual Staff will be your leader and will begin the event.

Remember: This is on the advanced server so please follow correct procedures with regards to respective SID and STARs.


Hope to see you all there on the day!


What time is this at CDT?

1100 UTC > CDT 0600

Anyways, I’ve a better chart: https://www.dropbox.com/s/780iw8xlettypl4/WSSS.pdf?dl=0


6:00 in the morning?😳 I’ll try…

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I will come

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Everytime you say this… So, under QFA, SLK (SIA unable due to airport terrain) or GIA?

It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s Qantas related or your VA

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Nah I just needed to ask as he always come to my event but since I won’t be “deploying” SIA, I’ll need to inform him about SLK joining the event instead

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Who’s this week’s special guest?

Named in the other topic about this celebration.

Singapore and Garuda Virtual

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Dam I cant come.

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Are we joining ?

As SLK only but also from WSSL only

Don’t forget! Event is in 2 hours. Hope to see you all there


guys, the runway is quiet short to takeoff. Plus the mountain is super high too.
So can I taxing to the runway and then do pushback so that I can take off safety

You have to takeoff 02, plus it’s only a Dash-8 or Cessna 208.

Event in 30minutes

yes, I am using the dash8

Hey can I go to the end of runway 22 and wait for you guys because the airport is quiet small

Just wait in the airport 👍🏽 Advanced server remember

but the airport just have 4 parking