(CLOSED) Qantas Sydney Hub on Tour at Singapore @ WMKK - 030800ZFEB17

Server: Training 1

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WMKK - WSSS

Date: 3rd February 2017

Time: 0800Z / 19:00 AEDT

Aircraft: Any Qantas livery 767-300,787-8,747-400, or A380-800

NOTAM: Come and join Qantas Virtual Sydney Hub for a leisurely flight from WMKK to WSSS, we will convene at terminal 2 at 0800Z (17:00 AEDT) sharp. Then at 0810Z we will push back from the gates. We will have a flight plan that you can copy. You don not have to be a Qantas Pilot, all are welcome!

All Qantas pilots that are joining us in this event please use your staff id number as your callsign: example QF8468. There will also be a flight number for you to be able to file as a PIREP so that you can record the hours in your virtual logbook.

We hope to see you all there! And happy flying!

Dylan McKean
Qantas Virtual Hub Manager


How about the 787-9?


I think I can make it! 😎😁


Look who’s that good looking plane
The sprit of styra where I live in strya

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Uploading… Uploading…

Il send in pm @Aussie_Wombat

Please in future wait for the images to download into the post as it looks quit messy with this stuff on the forum


They were to big for me to upload

Im a Qantas cadet can i fly 747-400? Or it has to be a smaller plane for me?

Hi Sam,

On the events Yu can fly ANY aircraft! You can also record the time flown on a PIREP so as to count towards your promotion to your next rank.

Hello Sir, how r u, i just saw that tomorrow i will be at my farewell in my school and unfortunately i wont be able to make it up before 4 p.m. IST and the event is at 1:30p.m… Ireally very sorry sir as i was really looking forward towards this event 😞.
Hope so u all will enjoy.
With best regards

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no problem, hope to see you on the next event!

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Hi, my live subscription expires tomorrow. I’ll be a few days off line. I will pay for live +. I join one to celebrate my month with IFS


Ill try and join! My callsign will be “XCJ” And ill be in a 787-9


20min to go…looking forward to tonight

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ok, I am sitting at P07

Have a great flight and remember to post some pics!!

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Thanks for the event and nice to meet the guys here that went with us. I reckon next time we need to get on something like Zello to communicate together also inflight. https://zello.com/app

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Some pictures I took from the event…


Some pics also