[CLOSED] Qantas Queen of the skies in California @ KLAX - 181100ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1100Z

We have returned for yet again another anniversary celebration flight. As its our world tour we are visiting California.

We have planned to celebrate the B747-400 Queen of the skies Qantas in Los Angeles!

Aircraft: B747-400 (Qantas), B777-200/300.

(We shall start at Los Angeles: KLAX, and head South-East to KPSP for a small touch and go, than heading north to land at KEDW.)

Qantas Staff will be on site at the events time. Our guest VAs will be mentioned in our Anniversary topic, located in the VA category!

Hope to see you all there, happy landings!

More in depth time:

  • Zulu: 11:00AM

  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: 8:00 PM

  • New York: 6:00AM

  • Los Angeles: 3:00AM

  • Singapore: 6:00PM


Will attend this event!

If in Singapore time is 6 PM, then it will be 5 PM on here :)
I think I can attend though I’m not too sure (But I’m still hoping to attend this!)

Generic? Or it’s free to choose the livery? :)

You are free with the B777 :)


6 am I’d pretty early for ano event, otherwise I’d come

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Someone said 777? I’m coming! N777IF


I will come with B 747

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Departure from KLAX


When is that picture from?. I haven’t flown in Delta livery for a long time.

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Looking forward to the event guys!

It’s just around the corner, make sure to get involved and get ready because this one will be a beauty!

Make sure to gather up your VA if your group was invited and is attending.

I hve spown you @Virgin Atlantic👍🏼

I’ll try to make it… 6AM 😬

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This event is beggining shortly and will be classed as “Active”.

Staff will now be on site!

Can we coming now or 10min earlier to come?

We have already taken off, the best option is to catch up at KPSP when we touch and go or you can spawn at KLAX and speed up

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Already taking off following now 150fls 500 speed with 744 Qantas QFA132

Is the event on?

Yes, they put the wrong time in the game lol

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Guys, can we spawn in at KEDW and fly back to KLAX