[CLOSED] Qantas 767 passenger plane is Back @ YSSY - 261400ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: Australia Region

Airport: YSSY-YSCB

Airplane: Qantas 767

Time: 18:00Z

Date: June 26th

NOTAM I have seen that all of the Qantas 767 passenger planes retired from the Qantas fleet ):. So, I thought I would make an event to remember these 767s (:. Please park at the CARGO gates at YSSY. For example: CARGO 1-02. If all of those spots are taken, please move to a nearby parking space. At YSCB go to any spot you want. I will tell you my callsign on the day of the event.


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They retired a long long time ago, the only 767 that still ooperates is the freight but it’s not recognized.

:-D recognised my me

*operates *recognised (unless you’re talking in US English) :-)
I thought it wasn’t retired too long ago? And this event will let people know that it isn’t in service anymore.

thanks for the feedback, guys

It retired quite a few years ago.

Event is in 6 days everyone

I will come

Thanks! I will take note on who will come.

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yre wlcome, 👍🏼

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