[CLOSED] Puget Sound Zello ATC @ KSEA - 291818ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Seattle

Airport: KSEA

Time: 1818Z

Back with more Zello ATC, it’s been awhile. This upcoming Saturday, we’ll visit the Puget Sound City, Seattle. From 1818-1903Z, I will be controlling Zello at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. My Zello channel is Infinite Flight-CBaccari. Have a good week, and this Zello event will take place at the end of your hopefully good week.


Try to come☺

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@Lars_Thorein sorry you can’t come.

For everyone who IS coming, this event is in slightly over five hours.

@C_Baccari Maybe I join next time 😀😄

Twenty minutes.

Why casual plz do training soon

Because on Casual you can’t do ATC, so it’s better to do Zello there. On TS you can do ATC which is why we use Causal server.

Oh good point

But do people still follow rules

Spb2727_Spb2727: Do expert forum members follow rules?
Me: Of course, they’re full blown Expert Birds. There has only been one incident when a forum member decided to ruin my plans…

oh ok Ill join next time

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