[Closed] Procedures Test (Advanced Server) @ KASE - 070300ZOCT15

Doing a test to see if pilots can follow a specific procedure from ATIS on advanced later tonight. Contingent on live weather being re implemented in the region.


I will try come

I’m interested in your test. What is the criteria for the test?

Just listen to ATIS upon arrival or departure and see if you can follow the procedures specified within it. I’m just trying to see if the majority of the community can follow it or if its to much that’s why I’m doing it at a non peak time. @KSNA

What time would it be at??

It’s posted in the title but 0300Z

Oh then I can’t come sorry

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Count me in.
Will you release your results after and what’s your testing time frame (ie. 03:00Z to XX:XXZ)?

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I’ll just play it by ear probably around an hour to and hour and a half. And yes I’ll post if it was a success or not.

What time zone do you live in?


I live in PST that’s currently -7 hrs GMT (ie. at the time of this post it was 09:41 PST and 16:41Z)

GMT is Zulu time unless you are in daylight savings

@Brandon_Sandstrom could you please post a NOTAM (Notice To Airmen) when we’re near starting time?

@KSNA will do

I will try to hop on and attempt it.

It would be awesome if SIDs and STARs were in the system and would autopopulate the flight map. Then arrivals and departures become a little more uniform and as pilots, we’re only managing altitude and slight deviations off of those arrivals and departures (for spacing, etc.)


I think you will like this then @Hartmann

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@Brandon_Sandstrom latest TAF for KASE

Alright sky’s are clear wind is fairly good lets try this out

Very nice, Thank you sir. I usually stay away from the advanced server, but I do like having ATIS.

My only critique would be to shorten and simpfy the instructions. I have absolutely no problem with anything that you said, but it was challenging to interpret and differentiate between the advisories and the departure/arrival instructions. Plus the system repeats the message, so it clogs up the pilot’s atc channel when it is really long.

Just my humble opinion, I am in no way an expert on ATIS!! I could very well be wrong. I don’t know if there is a standardized format or something.

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I just finished a taking off and approaching following the procedures given on the ATIS with a BBJ(call sign: Boeing 737).The landing is not good because I was on subway. Thanks for your instructions anyway.

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