[Closed] ProAerobatics Air Show @ KSJC - 141730ZJAN17

Server - Casual

Region - San Francisco

Airport - KSJC

Time - 1730Z

NOTAM - Ensure that you have signed up for the event if you plan on performing. If you will be spectating, spawn at any location, except those marked “GATE XX”, as the gates will be used for performers. Spawn using a C172 or a Super D, or any other small GA aircraft. If you want to troll, we can and will have you removed from the server in exteme cases. If you don’t have live, you can watch the show through a live stream, done by @Tecnam2TA! - YouTube

Hello fellow pilots!

Brought to you by myself and @Tecnam2TA, I would like to formally announce the ProAerobatics Infinite Flight Airshow! Taking place on January 14th, the ProAerobatics Airshow will be featuring other Infinite Flight pilots, as they show off the skills that they each have.

*NOTE: Registration is now closed

To register for the ProAerobatics Airshow, follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aYWbGSOpsQMdkO4VeIqYztAcWVHUS8x1MM-wQHBZp0Y
And before we register, we ask that you read our terms of service, as there are important rules in there. Our terms of service can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13j5WC6evAdjP1TLhItStCcXQtUgjsKHOMNGO16n43Mo

As well, through discussions with multiple forum users, the feature presentation of our Airshow is the AeroSync Acrobatic Team, led by @Overspeed!

We encourage you to register for the Airshow. As mentioned earlier, the date is the 14th of January, but the time of the event is yet to be announced, and further information will be announced later on.

Once you compete the registration form, 2 emails will be sent to you. One of them will contain an invite to our Slack team, and the other will contain the terms of service once again, as well as some words of welcome from myself.

Happy Landings
-Robert, Airshow Coordinator


Also just to clarify, this will be moved to #live:events once the air show time is established. Feel free to PM @MacGamer04 or myself if you have any questions.


My 2 best buds, how could I not join? 😃


Don’t worry about the email, Rob got it




Signed up can’t wait to join you I’ve been practicing aerobics for a while.


I’m joining!! Planing to do some low fly overs in the 747-200 and showing off the Retro KLM

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Will there be a livestream? Maybe on YouTube or Twitch? 😆😆

Will be nice to see a stream on twitch but is it possible?

Time to get some work done.

Yes there will be. We decided not to completely share that part just yet. We’ll share more about it in due time. :))

@kevirtual @FlightPilotsNZ

Slack domain not working


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Thank you it works

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Our application is open for those wishing to join! We will be beginning practices in preparation for the show within a few days. Don’t miss out on joining this splendid project!

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Applications for entry close on December 14th, exactly one month before the show. Apply before it’s closed!

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We still need a bunch more pilots! Whether you are skilled or unskilled, we’d love you have you participate! Sign up now!

@MacGamer04 I think some people of our team maybe are willing to do solos, if more people are needed.


I would love that so much!

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Just a few more days to go until the form closes! We are still looking for more pilots, and the form closes on December 14th!

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