[closed] Pre-Christmas rush! @ KTPA - 222000ZDEC18

Pre Christmas rush @KTPA!

Photo credit: google Images, can’t find a link :/

Welcome to my event thread! Thank you for taking a look at it :)

Server: Training

Airport: KTPA

Time: 2000Z
December 22, 2018 8:00 PM

NOTAM: Welcome to the pre Christmas rush! Tons of people fly across the world for the holidays, and a lot of people run from the cold of the northern Half of the world to the warm region of Florida! This event will be a Flyout back to those destinations. Please act professionally and listen to ATC. No escorts allowed

Terminal A

A1 Southwest 737-800 to KISP:
A2 Southwest 737-700 to KLGA: @Dylan_M
A3 Southwest 737-800 to KMDW: @Shadow87645
A4 Southwest 737-700 to KHOU: @HadenJohnson
A5 JetBlue A320 to KJFK: @no_ga
A6 United 737-800 to KEWR: @ouzi
A7 AeroMexico 737-700 to MMMX: @EchoMikeIndia
A8 Ameircan Airlines CRJ900 to KCLT: @Aviation-21
A9 Delta A319 to KATL: @Captain_Nick
A10 JetBlue A320 to KBOS: @FBWFTW
A11 Alaska Airlines 737-900 to KSEA: @SirMarkieMark
A12 American Airlines A320 to TNCM: @QFA_12
A14 Fronteir A321 to KBOS: @Big_Elijah
A15 WestJet 737-800 to CYYZ: @MADTUNA35
A16 Spirit A320 to KSAV: @esant_15
A17 Southwest 737-700 to KFLL: @Luke_Sta
A18 British Airways 787-9 to EGLL: @Albatross_Prince

Terminal C

C30: Southwest 737-800 to MMUN:
C31 Southwest 737-700 to KPIT:
C32 American Airlines A320 to KPHX!
C33 Air Canada A321 to CYHZ
C34 United 757-200 to KSFO:
C35: Delta 767 to EHAM:
C36 Norwegian 787-9 to EGKK: @Todor_Dimitrov 37 Spirit A321 to KLAS:
C38 Delta 737-800 to KSLC: @Bigo70 39 American CRJ700 to KMIA
C40 Fronteir A320 to KBUF
C41 Southwest 737-700 to MUHA
C42 United 737-900 to KDEN
C43 Lufthansa A330 to EDDF
C44 Ameircan CRJ900 to KDCA
C45 Delta CRJ900 to KRDU

Packages gotta get to places too :)


Cargo 1 FedEx MD-11 to KMEM:
Cargo 2 FedEx DC-10 to KEWR:
Cargo 3 UPS 757F to KIAH:
Cargo 4 UPS MD-11 to EHAM: @xXDuhItzMacXx
Cargo 5 DHL 757 to KBDL
Cargo 6 DHL 757 to KSJC
Cargo 7 FedEx MD-11 to PANC

KTPA Ground: @Rishon_R
KTPA Departure: @BlueAcidball
KTPA Tower: @Rishon_R

Thanks for taking a look at my event, hope to see you there!

Please spawn in 10 mins before the event starts for photos!


You need to check your times. They’re conflicting with each another.

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Oops, how?

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The time in your title is 1000Z but the time in the description is 3:00PM EST (will show as your local time automatically).

3:00PM EST is actually 2000Z.

Thank you so much for correcting me, I’ll change it now :)

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Yeah love to wake up at 3am may i take this gate if possible? Thank’s

Are you being ironic?


Not so , just wanted to do it :D

Great! Thanks for signing up!


JetBlue doesn’t fly to LAX from TPA-they’ve got JFK, BOS, BDL, EWR, SJU, HPN and DCA nonstops. I’ll take a jetBlue gate to BOS if you got one please

I’ll change the LAX route for you to BOS, thanks for the update.


I will take any WN gate to KFLL please :)

Sorry can’t take another gate due to another another event later in the day :)

I’ll put you in, thanks for coming!


Ou might get the SWA ro khou let me look

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I’ll take it. But get a standby person cause were flying to Lubbock through Dallas on the 23rd. So I might have to go somewhere but hopefully not.

Alright, I’ll put you down, just tell me if you need to go somewhere on the day of :)

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Yep. I will. Hopefully not though.

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Can I have gate A16?

Sure!!! Thanks for coming


No problem looking forward to it. Come to think of it… A lot of the folks in Florida come visit BOS/NYC/DC etc for some snow and Christmas trees instead of palm trees lol. Then around the first of the year, the snowbirds head south til mid March!

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