[Closed] #PrayforParis @ LFPG - 142000ZNOV15

Server: ATC playground

Region:Paris region

Airport:LFPG to any airport

Time: 2030Z-2300Z

NOTAM: Please come & pay respect



Just under 2 hours to go

1 hour to go

I really want to come but i don’t have enough money on my iTunes account for Paris :(

30 minutes

15 mins I’m spawning now

5 minutes!

Event started hope to see you there air France 17 17

If you can’t do the Paris region. I have an all day flight in the SoCal area.


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Nice photos did you see me?

Love the a320 amazing photo

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Amazing again love it

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I did not. The map and region wasn’t working for me for some reason. I had to exit and close the app.


When you took that screen shot I just lagged out I was at LFOJ