[Closed] Practising ATC at KOSH

I will be opening Ground and Tower at KOSH (Oshkosh Region)

Can people please come as I want to gain ops to become IFATC.

Ops don’t really have anything to do with becoming IFATC. You can’t see yours anyway.

You need minimum 500 ops to become IFATC

@CptNathanHope Can you please give feedback?

Yes, but that shouldn’t take long at all. To give you an idea, an hour long session at a busy airport usually gives me between 100-200 ops.

Ye, but I want to gain ops with people who are actually good at ATC, not all the nimrods. That is why I posted this.

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I’ll come for as long as I can.

Sorry it just closed

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Check your PM.

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