[Closed] Practice ATC @ EDDL TS1

Open ATC at EDDL I want to train my ATC skills join and do some pattern work! :)

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On my way matey! Good luck.

I’m not sure what my ATC colleague @MarcelloM thinks about the session but it was nice, but you have a few things to work on.

  • Did not receive a pattern entry (my clearence) on my runway change. It’s a new runway and if I do a touch and go where would I go?!

  • No need to give a pattern entry on the same runway. If you’ve given a pattern entry to that runway already you don’t need to repeat it on your clearence again.
    Example: N330 is cleared for takeoff in the pattern and receives a right traffic pattern entry. It is not necessary to give him the same pattern entry on his clearence. (Cleared for the option make right traffic)

  • Keep your transition altitude at around 5000ft.

  • If an aircraft requests departure to w/e/s/n you must instruct a frequency change soon after.

Keep practicing! Good job

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Yeah thank’s for the feedback it way my first pattern lesson

Hi,i was really short there,if i can give a suggestion is about my runway change,i was in 5r and request r change to 5l,you have instructed me to enter R downwind,it was better to give me a L downwind enter (no one was there so no interference). I was doing T&G so you should give me a clearence for the option but you give me a clearence for land. Anyway keep the good work and go ahead!thank you

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Yeah I know sorry about that, thanks for your feedback and comming

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