[Closed] PortSide Airways Launch Event - @ KSAN - 021700ZAPR16

Hello everyone!

Welcome to PortSide Airways. This is a launch event for our new airline. We will be doing 3 different flights:

•1st flight: Takes off at 12:15 PM
•2nd flight: Takes off at 3:15 PM
•3rd flight: Takes off at 6:15 PM

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prep your plane, crew, and board passengers! My team and I will be paying close attention to see if any of the pilots stand out (in a good way!) during each flight. Also, if anyone is interested in joining our airline, check our topic/post about it. We have a application you can fill out. Plus a website coming soon! Hope you enjoy! Have a great flight, and we will see you in Los Angeles! Thanks! Comment below if
You’ll be there!!

-Sincerely, Hunter Reynolds
CEO, PortSide Airways

• Server(s): ATC Playground

• Time: Saturday, April 2nd @12:00 PM- 7:00 PM (Central Time)

• Route: KSAN-KLAX

• Aircraft: Any aircraft with United livery
(A-320 Preferred.)

• Recommendation: Set “time” to Noon (if you start at noon), or Sunset (if you start in late afternoon.)

CPO: @jonah.c
Web designer/Pilot Manager: @PlanesForLife


Moved it to #Live Events.This does not belong in general! :)

Oops. Meant to do that. Thanks:)

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Can you change it to KLAX please.

I was gonna do that. I guess I can!

Thanks. The website is nearly done!

Awesome man! Send me the link when done

No prob bob.

Here is a Sneak Peak!

That looks awesome man!

Thanks, I worked my butt off!

Can I join

Absolutle. All you need to do is visit our website at http://portsideairva.wix.com/posa

For sure! Visit our website http://portsideaitva.wix.cpm/posa

Yeah I did

The Event is MOVED to tonmorow @DublinSpotter @PlanesForLife @jonah.c @Hunter_Reynolds. This is because a lot of new airline events are today, so tonmorow we will have our event at same time (oh and @Hunter_Reynolds, please change it to Zulu)

New website, sorry www.posaif.weebly.com

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