[Closed] Portside Airways Event #2 - Tryouts @KUES - 092000ZAPR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Oshkosh

Airports: KUES

Times: 1000Z and 2000Z

Date: Saturday, April 9th

NOTAM: *Have you ever wanted to be a VA pilot, but don’t won’t to go through all the hassle of signing up. Well I’m sorry, you have to fill out a form. :P. Anway, these are the tryouts for all Grade 1, 2 and 3 pilots. If you are interested, PM: @PlanesForLife, @Hunter_Reynolds or @jonah.c *

What date?

You should probably label your topic properly! :)


Hence why I’m asking the date :)

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There you go! Title edited! :)

I dont see the edit. For example label your topic like this:


He edited the date in :)

Thank You! :)

Your welcome!

Anyone else in?

I am already part of Air Canada Virtual Airlines! Sorry! :(

Oh ok. 😖😖. But thanks for replying!

Your so welcome! :)

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Anyone else interested?

Are you allowed to be in Another VA while in this one? I am currently in Royal Air and I also would like to be in your airline so I can expand and meet new people!

Well, you have to do a least 2 routes (of your choice) visit … www.portsideairva.wix.com/posa

Then fill out form, and select “part time” and then select at least 3 days you will be working! We are a part of IFWA, so our airline is more popular!

Can I join in?

PM me for details! We would love to have you in our airline!

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