[CLOSED] Portside Air "Standing Out" @ EDDL - 292000ZMAY16

As a friend of urs can i help out in anyway?

You can! You just have to apply for POSA…

Recommend editing the website address :)


Will definitely join the event. Cool!

Rescheduled due to the Competition Event @EHAM

Is the date set?

Yes it is :)

Don’t use filler!

@FedoraPilot, sorry, new website … www.posaif.weebly.com

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i will be there


Good! Did you apply for a position?

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The website is giving me an error 404

That’s because we moved URLs.


@FedoraPilot no ones there?

It is moved tomorrow same time.

I sent in an application form. Did you guys get it? I can send an email if I need to

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Okay, I’ll check it right now.

Thank you for applying! Hopefully you will be accepted!

@FedoraPilot, you can look at applications too!

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