{CLOSED} POP-UP 747 flight, British Airways VA @ EGHH - 052000ZAPR17

POP-UP 747 flight @ EGHH

Server: Training Server 1

Region: LONDON

Airport: EGHH

Time: 2000z
Date: 05/04/2017

[details=Flight Plan Details]

Pushing back from EGHH at 2000z sharp we will head over towards EGLP at 6,000ft 200kts before we turn onto the approach into EGLL for a low flyover at 1,000ft.

Once the fly over is complete we will continue towards EGLC where we will make a sharp left turn taking us up north towards EGUN and then a left towards the East Midlands, before a turn in the Nottingham area XSBY and into East Midlands Airport for a controlled landing.


NOTAM: Come Join British Airways Virtual airline in a BA 747 at EGHH (Bournemouth), as we take a tour around the London Region in the first of our ‘pop-up flight’ series.

We welcome all members of the IFC to join us and fly with us as we proudly fly the flag of British Airways across our home region

See our Flight Plan tab for more details on the route itself, but essentially spawning in at EGHH just before 2000z will guarantee your departure slot

British Airways is proud to promote professional flying and behaviour, any behaviour or flight conduct that fails to meet the standards expected by the IFC and BAVA could result in you being reported in flight

Gates will not be allocated, just come spawn in and fly!

See you in the skies!

For more information on joining British Airways Virtual Airline, Visit: http://bavavirtual.weebly.com/


Looking forward to attending this event - The Flying Scotsman

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Hey can I have a gate I can make it

Yes let’s goooooo ! Gonna be planes all over the skies . Will be coming too cya guys at the airport ✈️✈️✈️

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When Queen of the Sky calls , you ought to go!! Not missing this Awsm event at any cost :)

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Depending on long this event will last for, I should be able to make own event which begins an hour after but I need to be there 10 minutes before…

Definitely going the 747 is one of my favourite ba aircraft

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Thanks Alfie, see you shortly. Pushback at 2000z

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I AM COMING , the queen is there ,… can not miss

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Wow, BAVA is back!? Awesome!

You bet it is!! - Check our thread: British Airways Virtual Airline

I would love to join!

Thank you

to well, wow, everyone!! who turned out.

Massive numbers, we well and truly filled the skies, What a great flight that was.

If you enjoyed flying with us tonight and fancy joining British Airways Virtual Airline, visit our thread: British Airways Virtual Airline



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