(closed) poll up for next event Evening Fly-Out @ KCVG 192030ZAPR19


Yes I know this, this isn’t a hardcore serious event this is a laid back event that’s why I let is happen


Ok. At least no one is flying to DFW on a Southwest aircraft.


Sorry, I am not able to join because my subscription expired tomorrow


I’ll remove you


Sign up


Can I change my plane to a Jetblue A321? (for realism)


Can i have gate A04 United 737 to KDEN ¿


Lots of hard work has been put into this thread! Can more people sign up please?


@Arun_Kr_Patwari thanks for signing up
@Flying_Ryan thanks for the complement


One week away please sign up


Can I switch out one of the Allegiant gates to CVG-SFB, A320, Callsign AAY 1300?


@esant_15 i put you up there see you there


Can you please edit the date format in your title to say the 19th instead of the 20th? Thanks


Fixed it my bad thanks for pointing it out


4 more days till event


Ugh I have school


@Voyager456 I can move it to 3:30 maybe


My school ends at 3:10… then go on a bus. A lot of people are in the United States are going to school at that time. Next time you should shift the time a little later to get more participants


I won’t be able to attend due to a late shift at work. Sorry for the incovenience. I hope your event turns out successful!


I will be able to attend cause SPRING BREAK