(closed) poll up for next event Evening Fly-Out @ KCVG 192030ZAPR19


Great time for me


Ok the official time change is to 5PM EST friday the 19 I’ll change title and info when I get home


If I can. Could I hop into the cargo stands as a FedEx MD-11?


@Andres_Rodriguez1 your on their the event is about 4.5 weeks away


Cool thanks!


Sign up for a spot


Sorry to say but I might not be able to control if I become IFATC, I have passed the first test so far.


I completely understand if you can’t that is a big deal And it is more important in this event
Good luck on the next test


Thank you very much.


I’ll gladly take Gate A11. Hope your event is successful and gains more attention!


Thank you for signing up as it means a lot to me event, as this is my first true event I’ll put you up there as soon as I get home


No problem!


See you there, put you up there


Delta 855 to KMCO 737-8


Sorry, the flight is going to Tampa. (KTPA)


Thank you for attending I will see you there


I’l do Terminal A with a Southwest 738 to JFK. Thanks! :D (also good luck with your first event)


Put you up there


2 weeks away


Southwest doesn’t fly to JFK