[Closed] Polite Parody of August 25's Turbulent Tuesday event @ 11N - 071950ZNOV15

I decided to put a spin off on one of our Turbulent Tuesday events and change it up. Please tell me if I shouldn’t do this.

For Turbulent Tuesday, we raced through the Columbia River in Cessnas.

For this event, we will race Cessna Citations through the Hudson River. We take off from 11N about ten minutes after posted time.

It is a few minutes west to the Hudson River from 11N, and don’t be tricked by the lake that is visible after takeoff. That is Candlewood Lake

Why do I know this? I live right nearby 11N.

I’d like to know if I’m not copying. This is my idea based on the TT. I’d want to make sure I can do this event without it being locked. Thank you, and happy flying!

I’d use a Super Decathlon… Let see who the “Real Aviators” are! Max Sends
(The Citation is just a mini trash hauler…, LOL)


Sounds like a fun little event to me.

As I stated, you need to use a Cessna Citation to participate. Does the Decathlon go as fast?

@C_Baccari… The need for speed! I was young once "I did everything " fast!
I finally learned to lay back and enjoy it! You picked a scenic area, at a 200+k and 8/10 grand it’s a blur. To each his own, your event, enjoy. Max Sends

Sorry for not telling you this earlier, but this is a race, not a sightseeing tour.

I’m changing this to Sunday instead of Saturday, but still at posted time. If you would like to take part, please say so. Happy flying.

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To tell you, this event is happening tomorrow, so if you’d like to join, advance registration ends 6 hours before checkin, which is 1350Z tomorrow. Last minute registration begins thirty minutes before checkin, which is 1920Z.

This event is cancelled because nobody wanted to come. This event may be the next monthly event.