[CLOSED] Pocket Aviation ATC Practice @OMDB TS1

Hello everyone! I will be ATC @ OMDB for 30 minutes as training for the IFATC exam! So, come on down and enjoy some ATC out of OMDB. Feedback is appreciated!

I’ll come right away!!

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Great! See you there!

Here’s what I think:

Ground: fine but it was ackward when you said give way to both of us and never said continue taxi to any of us.

Tower: when I was taking off another plane asked to take off you should have said line up to expedite the situation instead of saying hold short. When I took off you said frequencies change approved but you shouldn’t have as I was remaining in the pattern. The you said cleared to land but I hadn’t asked for anything yet in that case it’s better to just say cleared for the option. (Valid for landing low approach…) then I did my touch and go and I turned everything normal. You didn’t need to say I’ll call your base there wasn’t any traffic leave the pilot do what he wants. When you said roger that was enough you didn’t need to say cleared to land again. The rest was fine.

That’s what I noticed no major mistakes just a bit more practice and you’ll be ready.
Hope this helps!!!


Thanks for the Feedback!

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You’re welcome 😉. Actually I’d like if someone could tell me what they think of my controlling too.

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What do you think of the feedback anything you don’t agree with or any questions???

Other thing I forgot is why were you doing left traffic and not right. People in that airport mainly come from north so you sometimes need to make them land on 16r. If I turne on down wind there could be a situation where there’s a line of people landing so I can’t pass and I have to extend upwind forever. In this situation there was nobody so the best thing is what you did ( to free up 16r takeoff)and then as soon as it gets crowded change to runway 16r right traffic so that I don’t bother anyone and you can easily say turn base when there’s space.

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On my way again!! How long are you on for?

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Another 20 minutes on TS1

Very good!

Ground: no problem

Tower: you don’t need to say left traffic every time you clear me for the option just say cleared for the option. You only say right or left the first time and if you want to change. You asked Emirates 51to call way too early. He can’t even access your frequency. Then he said he was on final even tough he wasn’t. Instead of just saying roger maybe try to say enter right or left downwind. I had the impression you quinda abandoned him. Also if I’m more than 5 nautical miles away you can easily make someone takeoff.

I’m also probably doing the test next week or the week after so if I made a mistake don’t hesitate to tell me.

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Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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You’re welcome and again good luck with the exam!

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Thanks! If you are interested, I have a couple of ATC spots available that you may want at one of my events on November 25. Check it out here

When will you be open next? I just missed you :/

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Probably next weekend.

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