[Closed] Please see @Ballonchaser 's post for updates

Please see here for updates

[spoiler]Me @Reese, and @Twocflyer are opening New York at KJFK and at KSWF.

For feedback, @Reese will be taking KJFK, @Balloonchaser will be taking KISP, and @Twocflyer will be taking KSWF.

Pattern work is allowed. Please follow instructions!

Feedback greatly appreciated!

Please leave a message if you intend to come[/spoiler]

Ill be taking KISP Tower

got it! I will add you to the post. Inform me when you close

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Nice that you guys are so spread out across the region. Great planning by your part!

Its hard to stay organized when all of the ATC open is EWR, JFK, and LGA.


thanks man! you coming by?

I would, but I am doing some work now.

If I finish early I will come by.

Heard there was some confusion.