[CLOSED](Playground) KPSP Tower is active 🇺🇸

Starting training for a ATC re-test!

GA Traffic use 31R.
Other traffic use 31L

Pattern work Accepted!

Come and join me down here!

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Feedback ->

That was the close call, you could have told the united to land though.
Should’ve cleared that N970EN for immediate takeoff a bit earlier.
Right traffic for runways 31’s isn’t recommended as we have terrain in the west

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I remember your test yesterday, work on things you need to. I may come fly some if I get a few moments.
Recruiter. Corp 211

@dush19 Unfortunately that start wasn’t brilliant, hence why I’m still a PG controller. Practise makes perfect…
BTW: Did you mean left traffic?

Yes, give all of us right traffic on both runways at PSP.

Good controlling. Good luck on your test

Good job man. Keep up the practice. I’m not one of the ATC recruiters or anything but I took some notes since you said it was practice for your test.

I was Reach 7 in a 737. 737 min runway width is 150ft so that’s why I asked specifically for 31L after I was given 31R.

The tower generally doesn’t own the airspace as far out as I was extended on downwind but you didn’t have an approach controller to hand me off to. One thing you could have done is have me execute a 360 on the downwind leg to get the spacing you need for that plane on final.

When I took off I specified that I was remaining in the pattern and you cleared me to land instead of cleared the option. That’s fine so I complied. But just remember that a pilot can’t execute a touch and go unless specifically cleared.

Those were the general things I noted and wanted to pass on to keep you on the right path! Controlling on the Playground especially in SoCal can be tricky because not everyone listens but you’re doing a good job. Keep it up!


@Samuel123abc thanks. What was your Callsign?

N650CW 😉 (Filler)

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Theres no left traffic at KPSP due to the terrain to the west of the field. Both runways are to make right traffic.

Still active for next 15 mins! Come join us.

Ok guys, KPSP tower and ground are now closed.

Thanks @dush19, @Samuel123abc and @stephenswann for the traffic and feedback.

There is a cross-region flyer that I cannot contact flying near KPSP is a SR22. He probably is still flying. If anybody knows what to do please tell me ;-)

@stephenswann Thanks for the feedback:

Sorry I gave you 31R- I thought it was just enough for the 737- I was wrong.

Also, Sorry I gave you the wrong clearance. This was a mistake, and I really wouldn’t have minded if you re-stated your intentions. I wondered why you taxied back to the runway 😬😬

Because this is playground, I chose to extend you instead of a 360 because some people on the PG only do very short ones, and that way I could make sure you had enough space😉

No need to be sorry man. I’m just giving you feedback because without it, improvement is difficult. You’re doing a great job and it’s evident you enjoy it and are passionate about learning and improving. Keep it up man.

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One thing I like to do when I’m controlling is quickly glance at the former message window if I’m not totally sure what was previously said. Controllers in the real world are able to make annotations on their flight strips so I don’t consider it cheating lol.

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