[CLOSED} Playground Controlling @EGSS (London Stansted)

This is my last ATC operation before I go back to flying again. Please be sure to come, and with my previous sessions, have gotten a little bit wiser. Please come and enjoy

Pattern work is ALLOWED
Please use runway 22.
Please make sure to PM Me on how I did.

All of the knowledge you provide me with, is the greater chance I have to get the gold on the Advanced ATC Test.

Hope all goes well!

So far, only one. Where is the rest?

If you go on a free region, it is more likely people would turn up.

Maybe later, not now.

Coming, N1MB

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why last lol

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Sorry, my connection got lost. returning back!

I’m coming :)

I’ll be there. Display name is MacGamer04, Call sign is Speedbird 121. See you soon!

Please PM me what my results were.

Whenever an aircraft calls “Inbound for Touch & Go” or “Full stop” you have to answer with “Cleared for the option”, and not with a landing clearance.

The guy with the easyJet A320 followed by a fighter
“Inbound on the ILS” means that you’re already on the ILS, and not far off on left downwind.

I know that. I’m just listening from what DS2001, Carson and Dush said.
I am just so tired, that I can’t see well. I’ve been at it all day.

Anyway guys, tomorrow I will actually be flying the A320 and other airplanes instead of looking at them. Hope to see you all around, while I’m flying.

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Full stop means the user is landing :D Clear the user to land.


Thankyou, my confidence levels just sky rocketed like my blood sugar from eating too many cookies. I made my promise, if I saw an idiotic act on the PG I would eat a cookie, and I have gained 2kgs :D


Thankyou dush! I exactly did that! :D