[Closed] Playground ATC @ KLGB - 110645ZJUN16

Server: Playground
Region: South California
Airport: KLGB (Long Beach/Daugherty Field)
Time: June 11th, 0645 - 08:00 Zulu

Zello (Optional) : http://zello.me/k/eqwX9
KLGB Diagram (If using Zello) : https://ko.flightaware.com/resources/airport/KLGB/APD/AIRPORT+DIAGRAM

I’ll move this to events for you. I’m coming.

Splendid. I’ll be waiting.

Thanks for the great service. Sorry I forgot about my gear. I tried to reject the landing but it was too late.
Feedback: Everything was good but when I request for takeoff remaining in the pattern assign me left or right traffic. Also I was first to the runway to runway clearances should of been on downwind.

Thanks for the great service!

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I’m sorry, I can’t understand this. Could you elaborate?

I was first person going to that runway. Because there was no-one else to interfere my landing clearance should of been on downwind.

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Okay, I had no proper training on approaches but was it the time when I called “I’ll call your base”? I think there was a A/C in runway12 preparing for takeoff so I tried to separate you from him.

Okay that was fine.

Anyways, thanks for the advice. It was great fun having you on VATC today and I hope to see you again soon. And one more question, might sound stupid, does [quote=“Riley_Dunshea, post:4, topic:44748”]
request for takeoff remaining in the pattern

means he/she is going to stay in vicinity of airport for another landing/touch-and-go? Now that you mentioned it, I did hear pilots saying ‘take off’ alone, and some saying ‘remaining in the pattern’.

Yeah if i said remaining in the pattern so I need a direction to turn. If they just say takeoff then just clear them and ask for intentions after they take off.

KLGB is now closed! Thanks to @Riley_Dunshea for VATC feedback and others participated in normal in-game ATC.

Erm, sorry for another question but what’s IPO standing for?

That was a typo soz.

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