[Closed] Playground ATC at TNCM

Runway 10 for all movements. Pattern work at controller’s discretion. Be aware, the KLM 747 with the username “The Real Life Jock” is my brother. Please give him a break, as it’s his first time on PG.


I’ll come along, never given you an ATC report yet.

Coming for a bit

you have the excuse that it was the first, he showed. I advise you to look at all the tutorials from @Tyler_Shelton . continues to practice …for any help just pm me. thanks!

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Not even joking I was yelling at him half the time. I told him what the instructions meant in real time and he didn’t listen.

do not worry in pg there are always these people, focused on those series

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And that’s why I’m never telling him when I’m controlling ever again.

Hi @The_simulation_nerd,

Your ATC session with me was so fantastic I don’t have anything bad but one problem to report. You did an exceptional job!

You have made my day and I hope you go through to being an IFATC. You have a great understanding. (On short final)

  • Sequencing command to early!
    You gave me a sequencing command when I was about to touch and go, you should have waited until after taking off again.

Thanks Oli H

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Just do what yuo have to do,if he don’t follow instructions just keep safe the other people and ignore him.

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Thanks for the feedback! But that was directed to JetBlue 312.

No no, I was giving a report on your ATC session. Nothing to do with you’re brother :)

Oh nice what time

Please be aware that @MarcelloM may not help and give you correct practice.

For quality and official training please visit here.

of course…i’m not atc but why i cant help?i said if he need help like if he need a plane in the pattern,calm down and take it easy man…think positive…is free! @Samuel123abc

To me it appeared as you would to help him with ATC, how certain things are done and so on.

This was once done and turned out really bad due to ATC wrongly teaching.

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