[Closed] Planes & Coffee: Citations in Charlotte @ KCLT - 140100ZAUG17

Citations in Charlotte!


In this rendition of Planes & Coffee we will be changing it up a bit! I’ve decided to go with a Cessna Citation theme for our ‘biz jet’ enthusiasts! Spawn into KCLT in your favourite Cessna Citation X livery as we take to the skies with our planes and coffees! Don’t forget to join the Planes & Coffee discord for the discussion aspect of this event! See you in the skies!

Server: Expert

Region: Charlotte, NC

Airport: KCLT

Time: 0100Z; 2100 Eastern

NOTAM: Cessna Citation X Only! Expert server rules apply. Treat each other with respect!

FPL: A flight plan will be provided as the event nears!

Chat Discord Link: Discord (if the link doesn’t work, PM me for an invitation)

Some coffees from our previous events!




Event is underway! Departing KCLT, feel free to join in!

But today is the 13th?

13th in eastern time, its 14th in zulu rn

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Thanks to all those that came out! Had a very nice cruise in the region!
@Flightfan84 @NetJets_Nick @siv5122 @Pandastic @NismoKits

I also may have a slight caffeine addiction now…


My pleasure to be there, sincerely. Thanks for having me!


Glad that I can join besides the event started at 9AM my local time. 😀


Good on you pilot, I saw you out there ;-)


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