[Closed] Plane & Pilot's East Coast Tour @ KPBI - 131600ZAPR19

Hello fellow pilots!

The PGA Tour is the main organizer of of golf tournaments in the professional league. Everytime they host an event, the local airport becomes very crowded with privite aircraft owned by both players and spectators. In an effort to simulate this, Plane & Pilot will be hosting an event this weekend where we will fly up the southeast coast of the United States (where a large number of PGA events are held) and do touch and goes at several of the host cities before landing in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Tournament is being held this week! The beaches of Florida and Geogia are a beautiful place to fly over, and should make for a very scenic flight. We hope you can join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Any A318 ACJ, 737 BBJ, or Citation X

Starting Airport: KPBI

Ending Airport: KAGS

Flight Time: 1:30

Date / Time: 2019-04-13T16:00:00Z

Flight Info

Flight Plan: The flight plan will be created closer to the event in order to account for weather. Here is an example of what it will look like, touch & goes will be done at KMCO and KSSI.

Ascend Rate: 2000vs

Ascend Speed: 240kts under FL100, 260kts over

Cruising Altitude: tbc

Cruising Speed: tbc

Descent Rate: -1800vs

Descent Speed: 260kts over FL100, at you decision under

Listen to ATC and @Starley on the event PM for more instructions


KPBI Gates:
Gate C01= @Starley (leader)
Gate C02= @PlaneCrazy
Gate C03= @zand3r
Gate C04= @Luke_Sta
Gate C05= @joshua_morrissette
Gate C06= @Ciaran_Murphy
Gate C07= @anon82246052
Gate C08= @Capt_Ced
Gate C09= @Javaro_Davis
Gate C10= @DylanIE
Gate C11= @Blitzkreig2012
Gate C12= @Jet_Airways_995
Gate C13= @samdog27
Gate C14= @Gabe_Z
Gate C15= @Captain_Awerty
Gate C16= @EpicLegend29
Gate A01= @savavalentin86
Gate A02= @Captain_Tank
Gate A03= @DeltaA319Fan-TSATC
Gate A04= @Piazza
Gate B01= @Trey_Jarrett1
Gate B02= @Aviation-21
Gate B03=
Gate B04=
Gate B05=
Gate B06=
Gate B07=
Gate B08=

@ZB1423 (joining from KSSI)

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Request by: @zand3r

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Leader: @Starley

Photographer: @Starley

Flight Plan: @Starley

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad , @Peter_S, @Mattheus, @zand3r


Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Slack


Sign me up!

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Gate C04 is yours! Thanks for coming!

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Oh wait, this event is before my violations wear off. I am stoopid. If only it were six hours later. Sorry

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Alright, I will remove you. Sorry that you can’t make it, I will let you know if there are any time changes:-)

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You mean KMCO? 😂

Anyways, I will take a gate :)

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Whoops, lol, wrong side of the country 😂

Sure thing:-) Gate C04 is yours!

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So stoked for this! Thanks for making my first event a reality! :)

Full credit to Plane & Pilot for taking my idea and running with it.

Hope to have you all join us on this adventure ending at my hometown airport, home of the Augusta National (The Masters Tournament).

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I won’t be able to play until around 1pm EST, can I join the event from KSSI? what runway will be used for touch and go’s/what runway should I take off from?



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Hey! You are welcome to join us from KSSI, I will put you on the list. Runway information will be given on the event PM during the event.

Sign me up PlaneCrazy!

-Super Tranx

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Gate C05 is yours! See you there!

Ayy golf and planes! How about that!
Unfortunately I can’t make it though.

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I would like a place please

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Count me in!

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@Ciaran_Murphy @anon82246052 You are both signed up! Welcome aboard!

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I would like to sign up for gate C08 please.

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It’s yours! See you there!

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Thanks Much!

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sign me up

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