[Closed] Plane & Pilot's Australian Airshow @ YMML - 082000ZSEP18



I would like to request to display in this slot: (2042Z to 2047Z) in the KC10, I will not be flying out of Melbourne, I’ll fly in, display and leave within my slot.

It’ll be a demo and I’ll fly from a nearby RAAF base, undecided on which one yet. I’ll hold until my slot if I’m early too


Ok, sounds good! I have you signed up, see you there!


Thanks 👍 see you there.


can i have the lastest time possible? B787-9


Sure! I will put you in 2118Z to 2123Z, is that ok?


We are excited to announce that the Infinite Flight Global Airforce will be preforming during this event!

If you want to watch this advanced display team in action, make sure to be at YMML from 2048Z to 2111Z this Saturday!


Awesome, hope it will be great team!


Can I come please? Any time, F-22. My display name is darkeyes


Tomorrow! I am excited!


Yes sir! I will put you down for 2130Z to 2135Z, see you there!


I’ll take any I am pretty sure I’ll go btw


What aircaft will you be using?


We only have 3 slots left! Make sure to sign up while you still can!


I’ll use a 787 9 plesss


Is there will be ATC?


@Aviator_WASUPFAMBOI alright, I have you down for 2148Z to 2153Z.

@Gabe_Z No, this is on Casual.


Hey! I am going to record the airshow, and I ask if someone else is going to record it because I will not be able to see my display from outside. So if someone also can record it I would be very happy (I will put here the link of the airshow video).


Oh, lol. dum- me


I can go now if you want. I’m free


@PlaneCrazy I can rn