[Closed] Plane & Pilot's 50th Event @ KSEA - 131400ZOCT18


All you have to do is join our Slack with this invite link:


You get advantages like notified when we create new events, being able to participate in occasional group flights, and being able to chat with other members. Thanks for being interested!


Awesome man😁👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻 thanks so much


I’ll take the next available open… Q10? Thanks


Sure thing, Q10 is yours! See you on Saturday!


I would like to get a gate too


Roger that, gate Q12 is yours. Welcome aboard!


Hi,i would like a gate. See you there


Q13 is yours, see you there!


I’ll try to join but it’s like 7am for me when the event starts. Put me down for a gate and I’ll try my best to wake up on time.


I can come my callsighn will be Private 160


@infiniteflight160 @BigBert10 Sure thing, I will sign you both up. Hope to see you there!


Less than 24 hours until we fly! Make sure to sign up while you still can!


A gate for me.


AHH I’m so sorry but something came up, I went be able to attend tomorrow 😢😢


Sign me up.


@savavalentin86 @Don_King I have you both signed up, check your inbox for the event PM!

@CPT.Medina Sorry that you can’t make it, hope to see you at one of our future events:-)


My two best from today’s event



Such a great event!


It was a great event!