[Closed] Plane & Pilot's 50th Event @ KSEA - 131400ZOCT18

Hello fellow pilots!

50 events. Yes, Plane & Pilot has now officially created and managed a total of 50 events for Infinite Flight since we were founded back in 2016. That is more public events than any other virtual organization in Infinite Flight! These have ranged far and wide from ultra realistic airline flights to super fun aerobatic competitions, and we are no where near close to being finished. To celebrate this massive milestone, we will be drawing a giant 50 over the Seattle area. We will fly Cessna Citation Xs out of KSEA and around the incredible Cascade Mountains while our flight path perfectly resembles the number 50. If you enjoy unique and beautiful flights, or you just want to help celebrate this huge milestone, make sure to join us for this 2 hour flight next weekend. Here is to the next 50 events 🥂 Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Airport: KSEA

Flight Time: 2:00

Date / Time: October 13, 2018 2:00 PM

Flight Info

Flight Plan: Start at leg 4811N/12309W. Approach back to Seattle will be added during the event.

Way Points

4735N/12311W 4811N/12309W 4825N/12255W 4826N/12238W 4820N/12223W 4809N/12217W 4753N/12214W 4737N/12216W 4721N/12222W 4713N/12234W 4713N/12253W 4719N/12302W 4733N/12311W 4734N/12329W 4751N/12331W 4814N/12326W 4829N/12313W 4836N/12254W 4837N/12235W 4835N/12223W 4826N/12208W 4816N/12201W 4804N/12157W 4748N/12156W 4734N/12158W 4722N/12202W 4711N/12213W 4704N/12234W 4703N/12255W 4709N/12314W 4720N/12324W 4732N/12329W 4732N/12350W 4743N/12353W 4755N/12408W 4800N/12429W 4759N/12451W 4825N/12452W 4825N/12402W 4835N/12401W 4835N/12510W 4749N/12510W 4749N/12435W 4745N/12419W 4735N/12411W 4723N/12414W 4714N/12426W 4713N/12444W 4714N/12501W 4718N/12515W 4708N/12516W 4704N/12501W 4703N/12440W 4704N/12422W 4710N/12409W 4717N/12359W 4730N/12351W 4734N/12307W

Ascend Rate: 2000fpm

Ascend Speed: 240kts under FL100, 300kts over

Crusing Altitude: FL300

Crusing Speed: M .82

Descent Rate: -1800fpm

Descent Speed: 300kts over FL100, 240kts under

Listen to ATC and @anon36571935 on the event PM for more instructions


Gate Q01= @anon36571935 (leader)
Gate Q02= @PlaneCrazy
Gate Q03= @Laith_Ali
Gate Q04= @Gabe_Z
Gate Q05= @Peter_S
Gate Q06= @Michael_Czyz
Gate Q07= @Captain_Awerty
Gate Q09= @CPT.Medina
Gate Q10= @Alaska170
Gate Q12= @D-MELC
Gate Q13= @Rishon_R
Gate Q14= @BigBert10
Gate Q15= @infiniteflight160
Gate Q16= @jakevaz423
Gate C03= @savavalentin86
Gate C09= @Don_King
Gate C11=
Gate C15=
Gate C17=
Gate C18=
Gate C20=

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Leader: @anon36571935

Photographer: @Starley

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @anon36571935, @jakevaz423, @Starley, @Cbro4, @Wattsup_jet


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Seems like a cool event, but I am unable to come. Have fun!

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Ah man, I have something with my GF on 13th.


Can I come please? =)

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Of course, you are all signed up! See you there!

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I might come, but I could leave early. Sign me up.

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Have fun I’m unable to join though

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Rodger that, Gate Q04 is yours. Hope you can make it!

Sign me up ;)

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You are all signed up, thanks for coming!

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Amazing !!!


Thank you! Would you like to join us?

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Can I take gate q6


Did you use Google Earth and make the path and converted?


@Michael_Czyz Yes sir, it’s yours. Welcome aboard!

@Gabe_Z Yes I did.


I am asking for a gate. Btw, congratulations for 50 events!

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Thank you! I will put you down for Gate Q07. See you there!

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I’m not part of “Planes and Pilot” but after doing my first event I’m hooked, mind signing me up👌🏻


Sure, I can sign you up! Thank you for joining our 50th event!

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Thanks man. But also, I know this is probably not the place but how do I become part of planes and pilots

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