[Closed] Plane & Pilot's 100TH EVENT @ KSJC - 091500ZNOV19

Hello Community!

On November 9th, Plane & Pilot is very excited to announce that we will be hosting our 100th public event! Since we were founded in 2016, we have created and managed nearly 3 times as many IFC events as any other VO or individual, and we are still going at it! To celebrate one of the biggest milestones in Plane & Pilot’s history, we will draw a massive 100 in the sky using a special flight plan. We will do this on the beautiful coast of California, the location of our first event: starting out at KSJC, a VO community favorite, and KBUR, a popular airport in the Hollywood area of LA. We hope many of you can join us and help make this event a memorable one. Thanks to all of our VO and everyone who has supported us for helping us reach this incredible number of unique and we’ll organized events, here’s to the next 100🥂. Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Starting Airport: KSJC

Ending Airport: KBUR

Flight Time: 4 hours

Date / Time: 2019-11-09T15:00:00Z

Flight Plan: Act leg 3654N/12211W after takeoff from SJC. Check periodically to make sure that you aren’t going off course, some turns may need to the executed manually. After passing 3428N/11906W, break from the flight plan and enter a normal pattern for the decided runway at KBUR.


KSJC 3654N/12211W 3733N/12323W 3720N/12347W 3658N/12301W 3629N/12358W 3653N/12427W 3642N/12449W 3536N/12327W 3547N/12305W 3611N/12334W 3654N/12211W 3547N/12046W 3559N/12104W 3604N/12116W 3606N/12131W 3605N/12149W 3602N/12207W 3556N/12220W 3549N/12232W 3539N/12243W 3531N/12249W 3523N/12252W 3516N/12252W 3508N/12249W 3501N/12245W 3456N/12241W 3449N/12232W 3502N/12214W 3508N/12220W 3513N/12221W 3520N/12219W 3525N/12213W 3531N/12207W 3536N/12157W 3540N/12147W 3543N/12136W 3544N/12128W 3543N/12120W 3540N/12112W 3537N/12106W 3532N/12101W 3528N/12059W 3523N/12059W 3519N/12101W 3513N/12106W 3507N/12115W 3502N/12124W 3458N/12134W 3455N/12145W 3455N/12154W 3456N/12204W 3502N/12214W 3448N/12232W 3443N/12225W 3437N/12214W 3434N/12204W 3432N/12152W 3432N/12140W 3432N/12129W 3435N/12119W 3439N/12107W 3444N/12057W 3453N/12044W 3503N/12034W 3511N/12029W 3521N/12028W 3534N/12033W 3541N/12038W 3547N/12046W 3428N/11906W 3436N/11920W 3440N/11931W 3443N/11944W 3444N/11954W 3443N/12005W 3441N/12018W 3435N/12033W 3430N/12044W 3421N/12056W 3412N/12104W 3405N/12107W 3355N/12110W 3346N/12107W 3337N/12101W 3326N/12050W 3340N/12032W 3344N/12037W 3351N/12038W 3356N/12037W 3402N/12032W 3408N/12025W 3412N/12018W 3416N/12010W 3419N/11959W 3421N/11950W 3420N/11940W 3419N/11932W 3415N/11925W 3410N/11920W 3405N/11917W 3359N/11917W 3352N/11921W 3346N/11929W 3341N/11936W 3338N/11944W 3335N/11952W 3332N/12001W 3332N/12011W 3333N/12019W 3337N/12028W 3340N/12032W 3326N/12049W 3318N/12039W 3313N/12028W 3310N/12015W 3309N/12004W 3309N/11952W 3311N/11940W 3314N/11930W 3319N/11919W 3325N/11908W 3335N/11856W 3343N/11849W 3350N/11847W 3356N/11846W 3403N/11847W 3410N/11849W 3417N/11855W 3423N/11901W 3428N/11906W KBUR

Ascend Rate: 1800fpm

Ascend Speed: 240kts under FL100, 300kts over

Crusing Altitude: FL340

Crusing Speed: M .82

Descent Rate: -1800fpm

Descent Speed: 300kts over FL100, 240kts under

Listen to P&P staff on the event PM for more instructions

KSJC Gates:
FBO Surf Air 01= @PlaneCrazy (leader)
FBO Surf Air 02= @Luke_Sta
FBO Surf Air 03= @anon41771314
FBO Surf Air 04= @Rishon_R
FBO Signature Flight Support 01= @Luke827
FBO Signature Flight Support 02= @Niccckk
FBO Signature Flight Support 03= @Sashaz55
FBO Signature Flight Support 04= @David_Mullen
FBO San Jose Jet Center 01= @Dylan_M
FBO San Jose Jet Center 02= @Gabe_Z
FBO San Jose Jet Center 03=
FBO San Jose Jet Center 04= @Captain_Awerty
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 01= @KC3DLL
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 02= @TheFlyingGuy1
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 03= @anon36571935
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 04= @Jet_Airways_995
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 05= @Jermaine_Edwards2
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 06=
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 07=
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 08=
FBO Atlantic Aviation SJC 09=

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Leader: @PlaneCrazy

Photographer: @Starley

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Airbus_737, @anon36571935, @Luke_Sta

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


@BigBert10 Will be proud.


I’ll take a gate! Proud to be part of this wonderful VO!


Sign me up for a gate please!


I’ll take a gate, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to attend 😬


So happy to be part of this V/O, unfortunately it’s too early for me and is on a Saturday (Which I’m always busy on) anyways… hope everyone else has fun!


@Luke_Sta @Airbus_737 @GlobalFlyer1 thanks for joining guys, hope to see you there!


I would love to join but I have an orthodontist appointment on that day 😔


@BigBert10 must be sad he can’t come.

Put me down for a gate, I’ll come


Obviously I am sad
I had so much fun drawing a 50 at SEA (my 2nd favorite airport) a few months ago


I’ll take a gate. 🙏


Number 100, number 100 I’m coming. 🎵

I’ll take a gate!


I will take that next gate!


@anon41771314 @Niccckk @Sashaz55 @Jack_Q You are on the list, thanks for coming!

Small note to everyone: the event is actually at 1500Z. I messed up the Zulu time because of daylight savings 🤦


internal screaming intensifies


why is the screaming intensifying

I’ll take a gate, please.


You always know it, I will be happy to come. Let’s make this event special.


Can I have a gate please can’t wait for this!


@Dylan_M @Gabe_Z @Zach007 Thanks for coming guys, it’s great to see so many P&P members participating in this!


I’ll take a gate. We have to celebrate it! 🎉