[Closed] Plane & Pilot: United KORD - KDEN Ultra Realistic Flight @ KORD - 171455ZFEB18


Hi, I have just checked flightaware.com and flightradar24.com and it appears that UA245 is a Boeing 739. Are we still flying in an A320?


PlaneCrazy I’m sorry but this Sunday, unfortunately, I can’t come to this event because I need to go to a school trip, Sorry :(


That’s not right…
The link we showed, Google Flights, shows it as a A319. We changed it to a A320 as that’s what United VA uses.
Just checked, and you’re right… idk, PlaneCrazy should have an answer.
Perhaps they switch aircraft later in the week?


Which day are you speaking of? They often use a different aircraft on different days depending on demand.


That’s ok, we hope to see you at a future event!


I see on Google Flights that it is an A320, maybe it is a little too early for FlightAware and FlightRadar24 to predict. because both say it is a 739. XD

EDIT: I meant an A319


Would you mind linking the place where it says it’s a 737 to me?



United Airlines doesn’t own any A319s… only A320s…


Google Flights said A319…
Could just be a mistake. Wouldn’t be surprised.


Yes, that’s for today’s schedule, not the 17th. There is usually more demand on Thursday than there is on Saturday.


Less than 2 more days left until we fly!


Hey can can I have a gate?


Definitely! Thanks for coming! @PlaneCrazy @Wattsup_jet or @jakevaz423 will add you.


@Aalan You have Gate C20. See you there! :)


I’m so sad to say this but I have a fever so I won’t be able to make it:(
Sorry Guys.


Aw man. It’s okay. Feel better! :)


Only one day until we fly! Will anyone join us? We still have a lot of gates open! :)


Can I have a gate please?


You’re down for gate C19. Enjoy the flight!