[Closed] Plane & Pilot: UA 5914 Simulation @ KORD - 151711ZJUL17

If you have any open spots, you can count me in!

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We have lots of spots open! Welcome aboard:-D

About 36 more hours till the event!

Sign me up too, will be there in a crj 200

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I’ll take Dash 8 hope to cya there any gate and Callsign Works!

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N010SW and gate C24 :D I’m ready :)

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@Tarunstk @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler @Livon
Thanks for coming guys! Make sure to be present on the community during the event;-)

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Unable to do to real life situations

Why aren’t you able? It’s just an event that copies a real flight.

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I will be there!! (CRJ-200)

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Do you have to buy multiplayer for this? And which time it is in Europe?

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It may not be possible for me to attend the event today.

@Jasperteriele - Multiplayer is usually required for joining an event. This event will be at 1711Z (Zulu Time) today :)

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So the event is at 17:11 And how/where can I join the event?

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You need to buy a Live/Multiplayer subscription. The region and airport is listed above in the main topic.

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Let me know if you get a Live subscription and I will add you:-D

Just 2 more hours till this event! Sign up while you still can!

It would be awesome if more is signing up


I got a few sceenshots, although some of them I thought were quite bad and I deleted them but here are my best ones:


This was fun, I liked that a lot of you came

Holding short Runway 32R

We are all airborne

I landed with -244 v/s, wasn’t very good.

It was nice seeing all of you. This was my first Plane and Pilot event, thank you for the awesome experience.

@Darth_Sidious @ftube @TJ_Moss @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler @Xpira @Fall_Etto @Insertusernamehere @Livon @Tarunstk @Fittsy10

Thank you PlaneCrazy for hosting the event.