[Closed] Plane & Pilot: UA 5914 Simulation @ KORD - 151711ZJUL17

Hello guys!
Plane & Pilot is back with a new event! This Saturday we will be flying United’s UA 5914 regional route! We will try to do everything Identical to the real flight. We will leave the gate at the same time as the real aircraft and then follow a very similar flight plan! We will do this in either CRJ or Q400 aircraft, both used on the real route. Everyone is welcome! Just post below and I will add you to the list.

Server: Training Server 1

Aircraft: United Express CRJ-200, or Dash 8-Q400

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 1711Z

Date: July 15, 2017

Additional Notes:

Flight Plan: This plan is a replica of the real flight plan used for the flight.


KORD Gates:
C15= @anon36571935 (leader)
C16= @Fall_Etto
C17= Darth_Sidious
C18= TJ_Moss
C19= Insertusernamehere
C20= @Xpira
C21= Mix56awesome
C22= ftube
C23= Fittsy10
C24= Livon
C25= Tarunstk
C26= IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler

Callsigns: Please use your assigned callsign so we can be identified as a team.
N101SW= @anon36571935 (leader)
N202SW= @Fall_Etto
N303SW= Darth_Sidious
N404SW= TJ_Moss
N505SW= Insertusernamehere
N606SW= @Xpira
N707SW= Mix56awesome
N808SW= ftube
N909SW= Fittsy10
N010SW= Livon
N111SW= Tarunstk
N121SW= IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight


@Dossym_Makhanov, @Jet_Airways_995, @Xpira, @Herman_Henttu, @Fall_Etto, @mmartin581, @Robert_Estrella, Are you coming to this event

I hope so… ;) (Dash 8 Q-400)

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Thanks for coming, your callsign is N202SW!

Will there be full ATC? (Center too)

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I’m definitely coming to this event! I have a question, when you say “same flight plan” “identical” what flight is this based of? Was if a really horrific flight?

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We don’t usually have atc on our TS1 events because they usually get in the way and split up the group.

This route usely uses the same route. We copied it from this picture:

Thanks for coming! Gate C17 is yours:-D

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I’d love to enter into this event.

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No problem sir! I will add you:-)

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I’ll come along, but you should try full ATC for ultra-realistic events


Thanks for coming! And we do try to have ATC at our expert server events, it just doesn’t work out on TS1.

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I’ll come to the event

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Roger that! Gate C20 is yours:-D

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Immback at it again! Lol

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Sign me up, I finally have time to join a Plane and Pilot event.

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Welcome aboard! Glad you can join!

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I would like to particapate in this event, the chance is 99% that I’ll make it.

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I will add you! Hope you can come come!

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