(Closed) Plane & Pilot: Turkish Virtual Amsterdam Rush @ EBBR - 181730ZFEB17

Hello everyone,
This week Plane & Pilot is working with Turkish Virtual to create an amazing event. In this flight we will take off at EBBR, do a touch and go at EHEH, and land at EHAM.
Everyone is welcome even if you are not part of the company! Just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Server: Training Server 1

Aircraft: Any Turkish Airlines Aircraft

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EBBR

Time: 1730Z

Date: February 18, 2017

Flight Plan: Feel free to change if one side of the runway is closed. Remember to do a touch and go at EHEH.


EBBR Gates:
142= @ProMustafaTK
143= @Gavrilo
144= @Thomas_Ralph
145= ewanfleming
146= rohaim_khedr
147= @Dossym_Makhanov
148= Samet_Ozturk
149= @anon36571935
150= Lukascrazydude
151= Mateus_Araujo
152= Aliaga_Agag
153= MSR
154= Sultan_Dhanhani
155= Ilovemyhair
156= Abhishek_Bhattachary
157= Darth_Sidious
158= Harry_Evans
159= Jordan2
160= Oller1999
161= @samuel_48
162= @OfficialJC

No assigned callsigns this time. Use your own or a Turkish Virtual callsign.

Check out Plane & Pilot Events:

Check out Turkish Virtual:

Thanks a lot for looking and please consider coming:-)
Please don’t expect an immediate response because I am busy today.


@AviatorDan @Dossym_Makhanov @Jet_Airways_995 @StarTraveler @anon36571935 @Azophor
Please post below to confirm that you are coming.


Add me in please!
I should be able to make it, but I’ll try and let you know if I can’t.
My callsign will be EJF12 and I’ll be in an A321.

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Add me please too…

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Thanks for coming! See you there.

Add me please. Callsign Turkish 05

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Sorry, I won’t be coming this time.

-STA StarTraveler

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Yep, I will be coming!

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Great! See you there.

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Can I have a gate? I’ll most likely make it:-)

Can I come? I’ll be in an airbus a330-200 my call sign is Turkish 172

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Yes sir, you’ve been added.
Please try to be on the community during the event for instructions.

Ah, that could be a bit of a problem. If you see me disappearing then reappearing again then you know what happened ;)

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It’s ok, you don’t have to if you can’t:-)

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I should want to join as atc or pilot tip i am head of atc at turkish airlines

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Alright, I will put you down as a pilot because this event doesn’t have ATC. Thanks for coming:-)

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Put me on the list! See you there

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Can i join? Call sign:tk13183

Yes sir, I will add you:-D

Add me please , please confirm its 20.30 Gmt +3

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