[Closed] Plane & Pilot: #StayHomeWithInfiniteFlight Sky Writing @ KSAN - 191400ZAPR20

Hello everyone,

This weekend, Plane & Pilot will be a part of IFATC’s #StayHomeWithInfiniteFlight schedule, a week long event put on to offer a bit of joy during these hard times and incorrage community members to avoid risking exposing themselves to the pandemic. For our part, both P&P and IFC members are invited to join us as we trace out “STAY HOME” over the state of California in one of our signature sky writing flights. We will start in KSAN and then fly business jets up the beautiful west coast to KSFO using a flight plan that spells out this helpful phrase one letter at a time. If you enjoy unique flights and want to be a part of this important cause, make sure to reserve a gate!
Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: 737BBJ, A318ACJ

Starting Airport: KSAN

Ending Airport: KSFO

Flight Time: 5 hours

Date / Time: 2020-04-19T14:00:00Z

Flight Plan: Takeoff normally from KSAN, departing straight out and then following the flight plan to 3233N/11806W. Turn on NAV and check periodically to make sure that you aren’t going off course, some turns may need to the executed manually. After 3647N/12221W, break from the flight plan and enter a normal pattern for the decided runway at KSFO (or follow approach if it’s open).


KSAN SARGS CCADE RODEN ZOOLU 3233N/11806W KNUC 3249N/11859W 3225N/11844W 3222N/11852W 3230N/11901W 3236N/11859W 3243N/11907W 3233N/11917W 3208N/11849W 3223N/11832W 3246N/11846W 3250N/11838W 3240N/11828W 3233N/11831W 3227N/11823W 3238N/11814W 3244N/11813W 3302N/11830W 3317N/11855W 3253N/11927W 3243N/11916W 3239N/11923W 3305N/11952W 3310N/11945W 3300N/11934W 3324N/11902W 3317N/11855W 3318N/11851W 3322N/11852W 3331N/11910W 3316N/12003W 3323N/12011W 3405N/11947W 3358N/11939W 3342N/11949W 3332N/11938W 3326N/11958W 3349N/11944W 3335N/11929W 3338N/11918W 3332N/11910W 3333N/11908W 3336N/11906W 3413N/11956W 3420N/12003W 3408N/12019W 3404N/12055W 3356N/12046W 3400N/12022W 3341N/12029W 3332N/12021W 3401N/12012W 3413N/11955W 3424N/11959W 3448N/12034W 3455N/12040W 3443N/12057W 3456N/12113W 3508N/12055W 3515N/12102W 3447N/12141W 3440N/12134W 3451N/12119W 3438N/12104W 3427N/12119W 3420N/12112W 3449N/12033W 3458N/12037W 3522N/12108W 3553N/12143W 3526N/12223W 3452N/12147W 3507N/12128W 3514N/12135W 3504N/12149W 3523N/12208W 3543N/12141W 3524N/12121W 3513N/12135W 3506N/12129W 3522N/12109W 3544N/12124W 3559N/12150W 3605N/12156W 3543N/12227W 3612N/12204W 3619N/12211W 3603N/12249W 3626N/12219W 3632N/12225W 3604N/12304W 3553N/12253W 3607N/12220W 3541N/12240W 3531N/12228W 3600N/12148W 3607N/12151W 3638N/12233W 3704N/12301W 3659N/12307W 3641N/12246W 3633N/12257W 3650N/12316W 3645N/12322W 3628N/12304W 3622N/12312W 3640N/12332W 3635N/12338W 3611N/12311W 3647N/12221W KSFO

Ascend Rate: ≤1800fpm

Ascend Speed: ≤250kts under FL100, 280kts over

Cruising Altitude: FL340

Cruising Speed: M .80

Descent Rate: ≤-1800fpm

Descent Speed: ≤250kts under FL100, ≤280kts over

Listen to ATC and @PlaneCrazy on the event PM for more instructions

KSAN Gates: Due to KSAN being on the IFATC schedule for the 19th, we can not guarantee that these gates will be available. If your assigned gate is not available during the event, please choose another that is not on the list below.

North Ramp 01= @PlaneCrazy (leader)
North Ramp 02= @anon79257371
North Ramp 03= @Joseph.Barnett
North Ramp 04= @BennyBoy_Alpha
North Ramp 05= @Harish_P_Selkey
North Ramp 06= @Sashaz55
North Ramp 07= @dca.iad.aviation
North Ramp 08= @Captain_Awerty
North Ramp 09= @Matt_B
North Ramp 10= @Vijey_Surya
East Ramp 01=
East Ramp 02=
East Ramp 03=
Island Ramp 01=
Island Ramp 02=
Island Ramp 03=
Island Ramp 04=
Island Ramp 05=
West Ramp 01=
West Ramp 02=
West Ramp 03=
West Ramp 04=


This event is included in the #StayHomeWithInfiniteFlight IFATC schedule this week, so both airports should be staffed. In case they aren’t, we will have our IFATC members on standby in order to help this event run as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinaters: @PlaneCrazy, @Sashaz55

Leader: @PlaneCrazy

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Sashaz55, @Airbus_737, @anon36571935, @Luke_Sta

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


Sign me up! This looks very cool

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North Ramp 02 is yours, welcome aboard!

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Can I join?

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Sure thing! I will put you in North Ramp 03, enjoy!

Oh I am definitely joining in this!

North Ramp 04 plz

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You got it, thanks for joining!

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Can I join

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Of course you can! I have added you to the list, see you there!

I’ll take a gate as usual!

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Sign me up as always!
Can’t wait! :)

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Looks Awesome. Sign me up! Any gate is fine.

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@dca.iad.aviation @Captain_Awerty @Matt_B You have all been added, thanks for coming!


Less than a week until takeoff! Make sure to reserve a gate for this exciting and unique event!

We takeoff in less than 24 hours! Make sure to sign up while you still can!

Im willing to join this event…can you assign me the gate.

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Sure thing, I’ll put you in North Ramp 10. Enjoy!

This event has started! For the next 5 hours, we will be tracing out “STAY HOME” in the Infinite Flight skies above California in order to encourage community members to avoid risking exposing themselves to the pandemic. Everyone is welcome to join at any time! Fell free communicate with us here if you have any questions.

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