[CLOSED] [Plane & Pilot Sponsored!] Let's Fill Up Wrocław Copernicus Airport! Flyout! @ EPWR - 021700ZJUL19

Wrocław Copernicus Airport Flyout


Now Sponsored by Plane and Pilot!

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35542375

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: EPWR - Wrocław Copernicus Airport

Time: TZ (<-- show’s your local time! most likely…) or 17:00 zulu

NOTAMS: No aircraft bigger than an A321 (even an A321 is a tight squeeze)! Please use unicom respectfully/adhere to ATC instructions! Spawn 10-15 minutes ahead of time!

Airlines Operating in EPWR

Air France
Wizz Air

For more information on routes an destinations, check out this Wikipedia article!


You are not limited to only using these airlines!

Pilot Plane (livery) Gate Destination
N/A N/A Gate 1 N/A
N/A N/A Gate 2 N/A
N/A N/A Gate 3 N/A
@Cheryl_Tunt A318 (IF 2018) Gate 4 EHAM
@Zak_Plant A320 (Wizz Air) Gate 5 EGBB
@roostbrood CRJ-700 (HOP!) Gate 6 LFPG
@Zaid_Martines 737-800 (Ryanair) Gate 7 EINN
@Nick_Bochy 737-800 (LOT) Gate 8 ESSA
@JackoLewis58 A320 (Wizz Air) Gate 9 EGCN
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk 737-800 (Ryanair) Gate 10 EINN
@IFliPlanes Q400 (Generic) Gate 11 EPWA
@TheFlyingGuy1 CRJ-900 (Lufthansa) Gate 12 EDDM
@mr_speedbird N/A Gate 13 EINN
N/A N/A Gate 15 N/A
N/A N/A Gate 16 N/A
N/A N/A Gate 18 N/A

Real life routes are not required! Have fun!

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This is my first event so I would appreciate it if you provided some feedback on how to improve my event post while your signing up! We have a bunch of slots open and I know that this is on a little short notice but my sub end lol and I just wanted to host something. Lets make the first event the best! Sign up!

I’ll be ATC

K I gotcha

Hey let me join

Gate seven a320 (Lufthansa) des egll

I’ll take a gate for Ryanair to Manchester

@qwaickster_bagging Lufthansa to EGLL?? Why don’t take Wizzair to London Luton to keep it realistic

The event would be more fun if the routes you fly are realistic and more people would join if it’s on the Expert server

@qwaickster_bagging I’ll sign you up!
@Matthew_20204 I’m also signing you up.

I didn’t do real life routes and destinations because there just wasnt a super big variety of flights and also I did training server because it’s more accessible to people. I did consider switching it to expert so that we have one more ATC position (ATIS), and I actually still do consider it, so I’ll make a poll for the server type.

  • Training Server
  • Expert Server

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Get me a gate please! Ryanair to Shannon (EINN)

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk gotcha

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Can’t join my violations are like 5 in seven days so I m not gonna be able to join the even my guys 😔

I see you’ve changed it to expert. In that case, @anon41771314 won’t be able to control.

yea i messaged him…

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do you wanna participate in the event?

I’ll take Gate 11 To Warsaw with a Q400 (generic)

@IFliPlanes ok ill add you. Part of LOT’s fleet I see ;)

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Indeed haha

I’m considering it :) Just gotta check my schedule first